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As a child I remember having a blast using my imagination to create riveting stories to entertain my sponge-like mind. From turning the underside of my bed into an underground cavern harboring lost treasure, envisioning my windowsill as a dangerous cliff my dolls would bravely scale, to making my brother’s toy dinosaurs invade my large, pink dollhouse for the sake of creating “drama”. Pair this with the sudden realization of my love for drawing upon etching my first set of chicken scratches I called art, and I was off!I received both my BFA and MA in Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. My art is focused in the children’s market. I love to bring narratives to life through my work with hopes of exciting other spongy minds.



My Superpowers

The Critter Family: To Wyoming and Back!

The Critter Family: Exploring the Shenandoah

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