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I felt the calling to illustrate from a very early age- two, to be exact. My early childhood days were spent sitting at a tiny table in the kitchen creating works of art and then dictating stories for my parents to record alongside them on the paper. In order to create the world of Bartlettberry Briar, I studied the art of gouache and watercolor for two years prior to creating my first book in the series, 'Peaches Bakes A Pie.'In the sixth grade, my English teacher wrote a note on a paper that read, "I expect to see your name in a bookstore one day." From that moment, I subconsciously vowed to make that happen- I believe it's important to live up to the faith people have in you.My favorite aspect of being an author for children is, unsurprisingly, spending time with children and sharing my books and inspiring artistic endeavors, big or small.



It's the Spirit of Christmas, Peaches!

Happy Birthday, Peaches!

A Feather for Dill

Peaches Bakes A Pie

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