Stacy Jagodowski


For nearly twenty years, I’ve worked in private schools in admission, marketing and communications roles. My work there has earned my teams and I awards for our alumni magazines, our creative annual fund marketing campaigns, and our overall team development. I’ve written articles and eBooks, given podcasts and national presentations all centered around how we can best excel at helping our schools thrive in a competitive marketplace.It was a fitting career path, as I’ve always loved to write, and for years I expected to write an adult novel loosely based on the story of my adoption. But for some reason, the words never flowed, and that story has remained untold. Instead, I focused on my career in academia and dreamed of one day writing a book.Fast forward to 2019 and with the birth of my nephew, Finn, the character of Finnegan Moo was also born; so was my love of writing Children’s Books. Since embracing Finnegan Moo as the hero of my stories, I’ve focused on creating a series of books related to family, love and life in general.  Since joining the 12x12 group, I've branched out my writing and delved into humor, as well. EducationBA, Journalism & Design, Mount Holyoke CollegeMS, Communications & Information Management, Bay Path University

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