Congratulations Antigone D. Blackwell, 2024 MVP Winner!

Created June 02, 2024 by Deborah Topolski


Antigone's accomplishment entitles her to access to a leading agent in the children’s book industry, unique exposure for her YA manuscript, CELESTIAL PROPHESY, and the opportunity to take her career to the next level. It’s been nine years since our Region initiated the Many Voices Prize and, thanks to our Equity & Inclusion Team, this opportunity has grown and evolved over time into an important opportunity for Illinois authors and illustrators who are changing the landscape of our industry by creating characters that act as windows and mirrors for us all. Wendi Lulu Gu of Sandford J. Greenberger |Greenberger Kids, will conduct a your 30-minute Zoom conversation with Antigone about her work in progress and will follow-up with a written critique. Thank you to all the applicants for supporting the prize with your submissions! With your manuscripts, you have the opportunity to make a profound and positive impact on SCBWI and the books that will affect a generation of readers.