Discover your creative community - connect with your home region

Created December 19, 2023 by Patricia Wiles

Regions are the heart and soul of SCBWI, where members connect with like-minded creatives in their geographic area. If you haven’t yet opted in to communications from your home region, it’s easy to do! Click your “My Profile” button (it's on the left in your Member Home) then “Edit My Profile.” Scroll down the page until you see “Set your SCBWI home region, and add others you’re interested in.” Click the arrow and use the dropdown list to select your home region from our list of 78 regions. If you want news from other locations too, such as a neighboring region or one where you often visit family or friends, you can opt in to receive communications from them as well. Don’t miss out on what’s happening in our regions - follow your home region today!