Danielle Sunshine wins Cushman Late Bloomer Award

Created November 22, 2023 by Sarah Diamond

This year’s winner of the Karen Cushman Late Bloomer Award is Danielle Sunshine, author of the middle grade historical fiction manuscript GUYS LIKE US. SUMMARY: It’s 1920 in Cincinnati and eleven-year-old baseball fanatic Solomon Skaletsky is crushed to hear that the White Sox cheated and threw the 1919 World Series to his beloved Reds. When Sol’s family – Jewish immigrants who want nothing more than a slice of the American dream – is threatened with eviction, a fellow newsie coincidentally entrusts him with his life’s savings and Sol must now reckon with what it means to do the right thing. Danielle Sunshine’s manuscript will be shown to a hand-selected list of acquiring agents and editors. She will also receive a $500 prize and free tuition to any in-person SCBWI conference.