Created May 19, 2023 by Morna Sullivan


Morna Sullivan is SCBWI Ireland Regional Advisor. She has always had a love of stories – listening to them, reading them and writing them. She is a member of the Coney Island Writers Group, Co. Down and a SCBWI member in Belfast and take part in local SCBWI meet-ups. She has had poems and short stories published and is currently working on a Middle Grade Titanic themed novel. While chasing that elusive publishing deal, she also express herself creatively through baking, gardening, crafts and photography. Debora Adachi is SCBWI Ireland Regional Illustrator Co-ordinator. She is a Brazilian-Japanese Dublin-based Illustrator. She is a FAB Prize 22 Highly Commended Illustration Winner. She is also a Pathways 2022-2024 Alumni, an illustration program that supports a diverse group of talented artists hoping to be the next generation of children’s illustrators. Originally graduated in architecture, she blends her design and technical skills with her passion for visual storytelling, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. Since she decided to change careers, she has been working as a Background Artist for Animation and as a freelance Illustrator, specializing in children’s publishing. She is predominantly a digital illustrator but loves to sketch with traditional media. Her artwork is whimsical, painterly, and impressionistic. Her diverse cultural background inspires her in creating illustrations that celebrate diversity. Family, belonging, heritage, and identity are themes that she’s drawn to.