Monthly Meeting: February 2024 – Creating Picture Book Illustrations in Procreate

Created March 27, 2024 by Laurent Sewell

Texas: Austin

February’s Austin Chapter Monthly Meeting, led by Illustrator Sarah Doan, featured how to create picture book illustrations in Procreate, an iPad app.

Sarah originated the idea for the meeting’s theme based on other SCBWI meetings she has attended. She said, “Usually someone will bring up Procreate and mention they’re curious about it. Being the Procreate enthusiast that I am, I was inspired to share what I know. My goal for this presentation was to have people leave feeling empowered, and to let them know that if I can learn Procreate, so can they!”

After a live demonstration, showing how to use Procreate to illustrate picture books, attendees followed along by drawing a lemon from sketch, to line art, to final color. 

Techniques, tips, and tricks for each step were demonstrated, along with extra features, which garnered excitement from attendees, including the Selection Tool, Reference Layers, Alpha Lock, and Video Timelapse. 


Resources and Demo Video:   

In 2023, Sarah illustrated the independently published GRACIE GOES GOLFING and was awarded both the Scholarship for Creators of Diverse Worlds and the Emerging Voice Illustrator Mentorship.