PAL Spotlight Interview Phoebe Fox

Created May 17, 2024 by Tanja Bauerle


Phoebe Fox has a BA in Early Childhood Development and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a former elementary school librarian, now an award-winning author of books for children. A native Arizonan, she’s currently living, writing, and reading in Phoenix with her husband, three sons, a Golden Retriever, and a Golden Doodle. She is also the host of Mamafox Books' Storytime Saturdays on YouTube.


Fast Five Interview Questions:

1.   What is one thing we should know about you that's not in your bio? 

I love Yoga - all kinds (hot yoga, stretch yoga, flow yoga, rooftop yoga). If I don't get to go, within a couple of days, I crave it.

2.   What should we know that will make us want to run out and get our hands on a copy of your book? 

The proceeds from sales of On the Verde River go to help save the River, and the Verde is one of the nation's 10 most endangered rivers.

3.   What is one thing you learned/discovered about your writing process or the publishing industry while you worked on this book?

I discovered that even though authors are often told not to write picture books in rhyme, if you take your time and don't force your poetry, rhyming manuscripts can be published!

4.   If you live in a scene in your story, what moment would that be and why? 

Interesting that you ask because the setting of On the Verde River is based on a very special place where my family and I enjoy camping. We call it the River Den, and I could see myself in the moment when the family is setting up camp, when they are boating on the River, and when they are cozied up by the campfire.

5.   Finish this sentence: This book never would have been published by the Friends of the Verde River had it not been for... 

My mom and step-dad, who hosted a fundraiser for the Friends of the Verde River. I read my manuscript, which was a poem, during the party, and that is what kickstarted its publication!

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