SCBWI Japan - What creative writing courses can offer

Created April 01, 2024 by Mari Boyle


Find out about the good, the bad and the challenging, with Annie Rollins, MFA. Join us on Saturday, 13th April, in Tokyo to find out how a creative writing course can help you with your writing journey.

If you’re thinking of ‘levelling-up’ your kid lit skills and diving in to take a course, this session might help you learn about the range of opportunities available and decide where best to invest your time and money. Annie Rollins, one of our SCBWI Japan members, recently graduated from the Hamline University with an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults. She will talk about the program and discuss what it offers, the good, the bad and the challenging, and how it has helped her in her writing journey.

Other members from the group will add their experiences of taking in-person and online, long and short-term courses for writers and illustrators and everything in-between.

Please note this is an in-person event.

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