SCBWI South Africa - Book Birthdays Oct/Nov/Dec 2023

Created November 22, 2023 by Elizabeth Sparg

South Africa

Our SCBWI South Africa members have been busy recently with a lot of new book birthdays to announce! Huge congratulations to:

ERA Marjorie van Heerden on the publication of Kita’s Dance with Dust (written by Venessa Scholtz) published earlier this year by LAPA, an imprint of Penguin Random House, South Africa.

Robbie Cheadle on the self-publication of the picture book, Sir Chocolate and the Chinese Candy Dragon authored by her and her son, Michael and illustrated by Robbie. The Chinese dragon has taken all of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet’s Halloween treats. Will he return the stolen goods and mend his relationship with the villagers. Click here for more info.

Robbie has also self-published Neema the Misfit Giraffe. Robbie and her son Michael authored the book and Robbie illustrated it. Neema is different from her fellow giraffes. Their lack of understanding makes her feel unwelcome. She sets off on a journey to find a new friends. The book includes illustrations, photographs, and links to video footage of giraffes, as well as fun giraffe facts. This is due to be released on 15 November. Click here for more info.

Yvette de Beer on the self-publication of the Afrikaans translation of the picture book Opie travels to South Africa (Opie reis na Suid-Afrika), which she illustrated. OpieG is a meerkat that goes on mission trips around the world. His first trip is to Witbank South Africa where he learns to be content. Click here for more info.

Cecile Lewis on the publication by Austin Macauley of The Spotty Little Tiger, the picture book she authored, which was released on 15 September. Bon-Bon is a lovable little tiger that has spots instead of stripes. He encounters animals with quirky personalities in his quest to find a playmate. One day, when he almost ready to give up, a chance meeting lands him the perfect buddy. Click here for more info.

Juani Scholtz on the publication of the picture book, Five Lost Feathers, which she illustrated, by Lapa an imprint of Penguin Random House. This was released In October. A very engaging adventure story. During her daily walk, Colette the little hen, finds a lost feather from Viviane, the goose, and decides to return it. Viviane, in turn, finds Gaston the turkey's missing feather! But why are all these pretty feathers flying around in the wind? Click here for more info. 

Elizabeth Sparg on the publication of the picture book, The Bundu Bunch get to Write their Names which she illustrated and Allan Low authored and self-published. Sipho feels sad and ashamed. Sad because he has no family to belong to anymore. Ashamed because he cannot write his name like other children can. Sadness and shame turn to joy and pride in the first of this series of inspiring stories based on the real lives of AIDS orphans in southern Africa. Click here for more information.

Emily House who has illustrated two picture books recently published. The first was Lakshmi and the Cosmic Ocean and is Emily’s fourth collaboration with self-publishing author, Sarika Besesar - the next installment in a series of Hindu stories for kids. Click here for more info.

The second was The Dog with the Broken Wag, published by NB Publishers and written by Paula Fourie. Jakkals' wag won't work! Is she sick? Is her tail broken? Mom and Dad are worried, but it is little Lollipop, her best friend, that knows her best. Jakkals and Lollipop love swimming in the lake, Jakkals diving and breaching like a whale. She needs nothing more than Lollipop's understanding to regain her wag. It is available in both English and Afrikaans. Click here for more info.