Self-publishing Webinar coming in September

Created July 01, 2024 by Kristen C. Strocchia

Pennsylvania: East

You’ve learned the art of writing your genre and your category, and now you’re ready to take the leap into publishing (or maybe dip a toe in) … BRAVA! This webinar is for writers who want to explore self-publishing—aka A Fearless Way to Publish (that is also terrifying)—versus traditional publishing—aka the Sit and Wait, first-time authors who have never published a book, traditionally published authors who want to explore self-publishing, anyone who wants to learn the different methods of publication and examine all their options, anyone who writes fast and doesn’t want to take part in (or remain in) the Sit and Wait (aka traditional publishing), anyone who finds the self-publishing process intimidating and would like an overview, anyone ready to publish a book, soon-to-be-published authors (or long-established ones) who want to work on building their marketing brand, and anyone who likes learning new things. Kim will walk you through the steps to publishing your book, including hiring editors and cover designers, making your own website, creating and maintaining a newsletter list, and a quick overview of which social media platforms to use (and if you should). If time allows, Kim will also: Provide a quick overview on ways to publish on the different platforms with the most attention spent on the world’s largest retailer Outline common mistakes so you can avoid them Include a step-by-step guide to both paid and free tools to format your books (Vellum, Scrivener, Draft2Digital, and Reedsy) Review tips and tricks to start (or restart) your books Provide a list of helpful resources to get you started (and help along the way)