Webinar and Critiques with Paddy Donnelly

Created September 13, 2023 by Patricia Wiles

Art Director
Creative Director

In this special workshop, award-winning illustrator and author Paddy Donnelly walks through how to get started in picture books. He will share his process and tips for polishing your portfolio, pitching to agents and international publishers, and generating strong ideas. Presentation includes practical exercises so you are guaranteed to leave with new ideas for your own work. PLUS: Get Paddy's professional feedback on your artwork in a one-on-one critique. Useful insight for all illustrators and author-illustrators. Do not miss it!

EVENT SUMMARY: Award-winning illustrator and author Paddy Donnelly walks through how to get started in picture books as an illustrator or author-illustrator. Paddy will share: 

  • How picture books are made
  • An inside look into his own illustration process 
  • Advice for finding and working with an agent
  • Information about foreign rights and working with international publishers
  • Practical tips for polishing your portfolio and generating ideas

Presentation will be followed by a Q&A. Illustrators and author-illustrators welcome!

Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Time: 8:00-9:30PM

Location: Zoom

Price: €10 members, €18 registered users

CRITIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Get professional eyes on your art! Paddy is offering one-on-one critiques with live feedback. Spaces are LIMITED! Paddy will schedule a 15-minute Zoom conversation with you to share practical feedback on your portfolio, dummy, or selected artworks. Price: €35

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