Virtual ShopTalk

Created June 27, 2023 by Stacy Mozer

New England

Who doesn't love a really great bad guy? Without bad guys, there are no stories. Join us for this one-hour virtual workshop on July 12 from 5 - 6pm ET where authors Victoria Coe and Cheryl Malone will talk about how to shape great, 3D antagonists, how to mine your antagonist for plot material, and create delicious tension by empowering your bad guy. They will discuss the four main types of antagonists and why your story needs all of them. They'll get up close and personal with your villain, understand their POV and motivation, and incorporate their goals into your storyline. We'll use examples and offer prompts for turning your 2D cardboard speed bump into an antagonist your readers will love to hate. $10 for premium members. A recording will be available for those who register for a month after the event. Sign up by going to the New England Region Homepage and clicking Upcoming Events or paste this link into your browser: