2023 Texas Book Festival Signing

Thank you so much for joining us at the Texas Book Festival at the Austin SCBWI booth. Below you''ll find more details about this event.


You are all wonderful people, so I know you will all be considerate, polite and supportive to your fellow signers. Thank you.

That said, to keep everything running smoothly, here is a reminder of the rules:

  • No props bigger than 1-foot by 1-foot are allowed to be displayed on the booth table.
  • Props or costumes that make noise are NOT allowed to use the noise.
  • You may bring a poster stand that's no wider than 3 feet to place behind you.
  • You are NOT allowed to store your books at the booth except for during the period when you're at the booth for signing.
  • You are responsible for brining your own books to sell/sign at the event.
  • You are responsible for handing and managing all of your own sales. We will not have a point of sales system or a way to make change.


We have a full signing schedule. If you miss your slot, you will not be able to move to another one. IF a signer is late or doesn't show up, the previous signer may stay at the booth if they'd like, but as soon as the next signer shows up, they must vacate the booth. There are 10 minutes between each signing slot allowing signers to pack up and set up. If you are in the middle of a sale or talking to a festival goer when your time is up, feel free to continue, just wrap it up quickly so the next person will have their time too. Volunteers will also be there to support you, helping you pack up if needed so the next signer has plenty of time to get set up.

Thank you for being respectful and considerate of us and your fellow signers!


Thank you for agreeing to help us out at our booth!

Volunteers will be at the booth to talk about SCBWI and to help our authors and illustrators as needed during the day. However, you are not there to help you talk up author's or illustrator's book and/or facilitate sales. You are there to help them with the logistics of setting up and taking down and answering any questions people may pose to them about the SCBWI.

Volunteer shifts are 2 hours long. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your time slot.


Exhibitor tents are on Congress Avenue between 8th and 9th streets. Our booth is 202, in Exhibitor Tent #2. The tent is between Exhibitor Tent #1 and #3. Please see the map below. We don't know exactly where in the tent our booth is.


Parking is available at 1010 Lavaca (10th and Lavaca) or 307 W. 10th St. (10th and Guadalupe). Overflow parking is available at Granger Garage, 307 W. 12th St. The fee is $6.


Outside of your booth hour, we hope you enjoy the rest of the Texas Book Festival. You can find the full schedule here and a number of our members are speaking: https://www.texasbookfestival.org/festival-schedule/

If you have any questions, please email us at austin@scbwi.org