Australia West

Partnerships and payments creators must know about

SCBWI Australia West is proud to be recognised as a partner organisation of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA). For over 50 years the ASA has been providing advocacy, support and advice to Australian creators. One of the great achievements of the ASA was the successful campaign for Public Lending Rights and Educational Lending Rights which provides payments to creators for works in libraries, as well as the foundation of the Copyright Agency, which has created an additional income stream for many writers.

SCBWI members receive a 20% discount on ASA membership fees (for full membership only). Call 02 9211 1004 or email asa@asauthors.org

ASA membership provides:

Member access to a contract assessment service

Member discounts on professional development courses

Advice from experienced staff on a wide range of industry issues

Exclusive access to job opportunities through the author directory and ASA Style File for illustrators

Member pricing on resources including information papers and contract templates

Member access to a distribution arrangement for print books.

Discounted or exclusive entry to awards, residencies, mentorships and industry opportunities, such as Literacy Speed Dating. 

For a full list of ASA services and member benefits see the ASA website.