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Illustration Ring

The SCBWI British Isles community page for Illustrators

Welcome to the SCBWI British Isles Illustrator's Ring, a vibrant and exclusive space for illustrator members to connect. Join community-based events such as masterclasses, skill sharing, sketch crawls, drink&draws, critique groups, book launches, socials, and more!

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A vibrant community of children's illustrators, passionate about different media and all genre books for young people. Whether you are traditionally published, self-published or new to your craft, SCBWI will have something for you! We offer a myriad of events and opportunities for illustrators at any career level: • Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals • Illustration Insights • Draw Alongs • Drink&Draw • Illustration Know Hows • Sketch&Crawls • Socials • 1-1 Portfolio Reviews • Illustration Masterclasses • Agents' Party • The Annual Conference • Picture Book Retreat • Webinars • Competitions • Words&Pictures Online Magazine

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Illustrator Coordinator

Tita Berredo is the Illustrator Coordinator of SCBWI British Isles, and the Art Director of Words&Pictures magazine. She has been a volunteer for over five years hosting events, workshops, talks and more. Tita is always keen to connect with members in a professional but also less formal basis. She runs portfolio reviews and is always happy to help members in any way she can. Contact her at illuscoordinator@britishscbwi.org Connect on Instagram: @titaberredo and @scbwi_illustrat

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Illustration Masterclasses

Anne-Marie Perks is the head organiser of the Illustration Masterclasses. Along Niki Leonidou and Trish Phillips, she organises a series of events for illustrators that include Portfolio Reviews, craft and/or marketing masterclasses. One of the biggest hits is the Art Director’s Brief, in which illustrators are briefed by an art director, who in turn gives two stages of feedback. Keep an eye out for upcoming events


Picture Book Retreat

A long luxurious weekend of play, exploration, personal work time, group critiques and fun for picture book writers and illustrators. As well as the creative activities in our facilitated sessions, there will be time for work on personal projects. Evenings will be open for informal critique sessions, discussions on technique, craft and the children's publishing industry. This year's PBR features Caryl Hart and Chris Haughton Bookings open on 22nd April


SCBWI in Bologna

Planning for the BCBF is very important, so it's always a good idea to consult fellow illustrators. Words&Pictures had its own team of illustrators covering the Bologna Children's Book Fair last year. Watch Tita Berredo, Paul Morton, and Gary Fabbri showing everything that goes around this fantastic event!



A day time event of getting together with other illustrators at a particular location (usually a museum or visually interesting spot) to sketch what's around, share drawings and experience. A playful way to explore observational drawing and add your imagination, with insightful drawing activities inspired by items on display. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!



Get together, socialise, have some drinks (cuppa tea or other) & doodle! This is a fun pop-up drawing session with a casual party atmosphere where you'll leave your cares behind and go home with a one-of-a-kind sketch created by you. Either being online or in person, you will enjoy meeting new illustration pals and unleashing your inner-artist.

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SCBWI Conference

The SCBWI BI Annual Conference is a fabulous opportunity to develop your craft, show your portfolio, network with fellow creatives, get 1-1 feedback, connect with industry professionals, and join sessions that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed as a children's illustrator.


Illustration Exhibition

The SCBWI British Isles Conference is a prestigious event that brings together high end industry professionals from all over the UK. One of the Conference's highest points of interest last year was the Illustration Exhibition, a massive display with prints of our members’ sketchbooks and character studies. This is the chance for our members to showcase their artwork to industry professionals like agents, publishers, editors, art directors, and of course fellow illustrators.



Words&Pictures is the SCBWI British Isles' online weekly magazine. Stay current with articles, interviews, top tips and insights into the industry, within features that are specially made for SCBWI illustrators. You can contribute to the magazine's content by writing articles, producing images, interviewing industry professionals or simply sharing your knowledge and book news with one of our editors. Email editor@britishscbwi.org with the subject "W&P Contribution" to learn more about it. Email illustrators@britishscbwi.org and register your interest within the illustration features.

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Featured Illustrator

How about having a whole article about your illustration journey, influences, and artwork? Every month, Ell Rose (Illustration Features Editor) and Tita Berredo (IC and Art Director) offer a spotlight in Word&Pictures for a SCBWI illustrator member to be Featured. We encourage members from all backgrounds and career stages to submit their artwork. Email illustrators@britishscbwi.org and register your interest.

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Open Sketchbooks

Open Sketchbook is a twice a year feature on Words&Pictures that showcases SCBWI illustrators who are keen to share their sketches. Since 2023 Open Sketchbooks submissions also get the chance not to win Art Director's Pick - a spotlight share on our social media and a free 30 minutes portfolio review with our Illustrator Coordinator Tita Berredo. Keep an eye out for the call out on email and social media.


Illustrators In Action

If you are a SCBWI illustrator member and have any videos of yourself drawing, or would like to make one from scratch, you can get in touch with us to be featured here. We would love to watch your illustration processes, sketching, digital time-lapses, mixing media, experimenting materials, know-hows - anything that shows you in action with your illustrations. To register your interest please contact illustrators@britishscbwi.org



Words&Pictures has a feature that is dedicated for comics! You might know a few ones like "Miles The Cat" (by Ell Rose) and Write Right (by Corryn Web). The theme is everything around illustrating and writing for children - wether it's an anecdote, a funny daily thing, or something informative, it's your choice! You can either collab with a writer or make it with your own words. If you want to have a go but you're not sure about the words you can join the illustrators' team who draw for "Penny&Inka" by writer Tibo Torreli. Register your interest at illustrators@britishscbwi.org


Illustrator Knowhow

From understanding picture book layout basics and pricing, to learning the technicalities of scanning your artwork and the latest digital top tips on Photoshop and Procreate, this is the feature where you can learn or share a new skill. Register your interest at illustrators@britishscbwi.org

Featured Illustrators 2024


Lola Usupova

June's Featured Illustrator is Lola Usupova. She is a children's book author and illustrator living in Nottingham, England. She has brought to life 18 delightful picture books, collaborating with both traditional publishers and independent authors.


Sarah Lovell

May's featured illustrator is author/illustrator, Sarah Lovell, based in BC, Canada from the UK. She has a background in teaching, prop design and studied at Winchester School of Art for fine art sculpture.

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Rebecca Tonks

April's featured illustrator is author/illustrator, Rebecca Tonks. She has 6 published books, 2 of which she both wrote and illustrated. Rebecca studied Contour Fashion at De Montfort University, graduating with First Class honours.


Marie-Charlotte Yao

March's featured illustrator is one of the hosts of Friday Doodle Club on instagram and recently signed to The Plum Agency. Marie-Charlotte Yao (Macha) is a Leeds-based illustrator and graphic designer, with a masters degree in film editing and cinema SFX.


Gizem Gözde Uçar

February's featured illustrator is Gizem Gözde Uçar. She is a children’s book author and illustrator based in London, from Istanbul, Turkey with a double major in Literature and International Relations at Koc University. She established a workshop called 'Story Workshop.' It is the perfect mixture of interactive storytelling and arts and crafts. She continues to do this around schools and libraries around London.


Emma Latham

January's featured illustrator is Emma Latham. Emma is an illustrator from rural Cheshire now living in Nottingham who currently has work in a good few published children's books and who graduated with a BA(Hons) in illustration from the University of Derby in 2008.

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Featured Illustrator

How about having a whole article about your illustration journey, influences, and artwork? Every month, Ell Rose (Illustration Features Editor) and Tita Berredo (IC and Art Director) offer a spotlight in Word&Pictures for a SCBWI illustrator member to be Featured. We encourage members from all backgrounds and career stages to submit their artwork. Email illustrators@britishscbwi.org and register your interest.

Events! What's on for Illustrators:

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Illustration Talk!

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W&P Event

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Illustration Masterclasses

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Brian Wildsmith Exhibition


Picture Book Retreat

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Regional Virtual Events


Tita Berredo
Illustrator Coordinator
Paul Morton
Author, Illustrator
Mike Brownlow
Rekha Salin
Author, Illustrator
Niki Leonidou
Author, Illustrator

All you need to know about Children's Illustration

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Picture Book Basics

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Picture Book Format

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Picture Book Layout

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Dummy Basics

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Strong Image: Colours

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Strong Image: Values

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Strong Image: Focal Point

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Strong Image: Readability

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Working with Agents

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Character Design

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Scanning your Artwork

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Photographing your artwork

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Image Adjustments

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Going Digital

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Digital Sketch

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Digital Movement

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Digital Corrections

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Picture Book - Editor's View








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