Canadian grants and awards

More grants, rewards, and opportunities for Canada East members

There are numerous grants, awards, and other opportunities available to children’s writers and illustrators.

SCBWI Grants are administered by SCBWI Headquarters for writers and illustrators, both published and unpublished. These grants are accessible via the SCBWI Awards and Grants page on the main SCBWI site. Additional funding opportunities are offered through the SCBWI Impact & Legacy fund.

Canada East members also have access to two further categories of awards: the SCBWI Canada East chapter awards, and--by virtue of being in Canada, unlike SCBWI members in other countries--Canadian grants and awards. See below for details.

Deadlines can be found on the individual grant pages and websites. However, SCBWI Canada East tries to give its members a heads-up by including grant deadline reminders in Quick Notes, so look for our monthly e-newsletter in your inbox on the first of every month.


Canada East Grants and Awards

SCBWI Canada East grants and awards are administered by SCBWI Canada East. Many of these awards are offered in conjunction with the SCBWI Canada East’s annual Art of Story conference. We are still migrating some of the content from the old website. We hope to have details on the Canada East chapter awards posted by the end of the summer.


Canadian Grants and Awards

Canadian grants and awards are administered by various cities, provinces, the federal government, and other organizations throughout Canada. We have created a list of these opportunities. Because this is curated as a membership benefit, access is restricted to premium members.

Canadian Grants and Awards PDF