SCBWI Canada East Header Gallery

Our website headers are designed by talented illustrators from our chapter. We are so proud of each header that has been used on the site that we hate to lose them, even as we unveil a new one. So, we collect the past headers here so everyone can enjoy them.

Click on the little paint brush in the bottom-right of the illustrations to visit the illustrator's SCBWI profile, or visit their website through the links below.

Our banner illustrators

• Spring 2024, illustrated by Marie-Laure Couët,

• Winter 2024, illustrated by Christina Rycz,

• Summer/Fall, 2023, illustrated by Spring Nguyen,

• Spring, 2023, illustrated by Camellia Koo,

• Winter 2023, Illustrated by: Gillian Reid, 

• Winter 2022-23, Illustrated by: Antonio Caparo,

• Fall 2022, Illustrated by: Jennica Lounsbury,

• Summer 2022, Illustrated by: Amberlea Williams,

• Spring 2022, Illustrated by: Melika Saeeda,

• Fall/Winter 2021, Illustrated by: Nathalie Dion,

• Spring 2021, Illustrated by: Ellie Arscott,

• Spring 2017, Illustrated by: Farida Zaman,

• Winter 2016, Illustrated by: Julien Chung,

• Fall 2015, Illustrated by: Sue Todd,

• Spring 2015, Illustrated by: Julien Chung,