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Getting Started with Critique Groups

One of the goals of SCBWI is to bring together writers and illustrators of children’s books. Feedback is a gift and the input we receive from trusted critique group members is an invaluable part of the creation journey. 

What is a Critique Group?

A group of writers and/or illustrators who are willing to encourage and provide regular help through constructive criticism of each other’s work. A critique group creates a safe and supportive community of like-minded creatives. The strength each individual brings to the group combines with the strengths of others in the group to advance the skills of all the members. Participation in a critique group is one of the best ways to improve your writing and/or illustration skills, build confidence, and help polish your manuscripts/illustrations before submitting to publishers and agents. 

We can help you JOIN or FORM a critique group!    

Carolinas members are invited to complete our Critique Group Request Form located on the Find a Group page.

The SCBWI Discussion Boards (previously Blueboards) is a place for premium users to connect and communicate with other members about writing and illustrating children’s books. Visit the Carolinas Critiques section of the boards to find or form a group (in person or online) with other Carolinas members.  

SCBWI Carolinas Critique Group Coordinators 

Contact Carolyn Fraiser and Cindy Clemens with questions about critique groups.