Ignite the Spark!

ITS Vol 2.jpg

Ignite the Spark, Vol II

The second edition of Ignite the Spark is available for order. Collected works from 2021-2022 participants.


Ignite the Spark, Vol 1

The OG collection of works from 2020-2021 participants.

Ignite the Spark!

Designed for writers and illustrators, alike, this Carolinas members-only group meets virtually on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM Eastern. Write or illustrate with friends over Zoom and share your work. Members receive an email invitation each month to participate.  

MicroᐧFiction noun, a short story told in under 250 words.   


Choose one of the five writing prompts or the illustration prompt we will share when we meet live. Some of these will have optional “restrictions” you could choose for an extra challenge. (It can help to add limitations when creating a small story in a short time frame.)

Write your story in 250 words or less or draw your illustration within 30 minutes.

When finished, there will be time for participants to read their stories and reveal their illustrations. Be brave!


Think of your story as one scene from a larger work – jump into the middle of the action!   

Online Resources  


Keep working on it! Polish your story or illustration, and then post it on our Facebook page

Did you know that this page contains 235 words? See you soon! 

This meeting is an SCBWI safe space, and as such attendees agree to abide by the SCBWI Anti-Harassment policy.