Critique Group Connection

Searching for a critique group in your area? (Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Kern counties) * Are you running a group and would like more members? * Not in a group but thinking of starting one? We can help you with the process and some how-to resources:


Please note that while we are happy to help assist you in pursuing your interest in joining (or forming) a critique group, by your utilizing SCBWI or SCBWI-CenCal information you are acknowledging that you are solely responsible for all related outcomes including but not limited to such activities related to forming and/or participating in/and or managing critique groups. Neither SCBWI nor SCBWI-CenCal creates/monitors/controls critique groups. That is up to you as individuals.


Process: With the above caveat, SCBWI-CenCal coordinates information from CenCal members who are interested in participating in a critique group, and when requested by CenCal members, shares that information with other likewise interested individuals. To access our CenCal Critique Group Signup Form, where you’ll be able to add your information and find information about others who are interested in joining or forming a group, please email Greg at * Note: Please allow up to 48 hours when requesting permission to access the form.


How-To Resources: In addition to the above signup form for CenCal members interested in connecting about Critique groups, we also have pulled together some resource you may find helpful with the various aspects of setting up and getting the most out of a critique group. We offer lists, suggestions, questions, and etiquette for all aspects of critiquing for both writers and illustrators.


(Special thanks to the Carolinas Chapter who put this resource together and was happy to let us use it for our CenCal members, with our modifications. Additional sources are cited in each section.)

Critique Group Resources - PRINTABLE VERISION