Broward County

Spear Shakers

Name of contact person for the group

Devon Kondaki

Email address


What is the focus of the group?

Picture Books

How many members are currently in the group?


Do you have openings for new members at this time?


When, where, and how often does the group meet?

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month, 6:30PM, North Broward (TBD)

What is the process for new members to become part of the group?

They have to be voted in by the group, but can attend a meeting without being a member if the group agrees on it.

Do you have any additional group info you would like to include?

We are looking for members who are serious about pursuing a career in picture book making and are willing to commit the time and effort required to create quality work.

Motto: Spear Shakers all the way!