Critique Groups

Osceola County

OWLS (Osceola Writing League) {FULL}

Name of contact person for the group: Marlana Antifit

Email address:

Are you a current SCBWI member? Yes

Does your group have a co-leader? Yes

Name of co-leader: Mimi Powell

Co-leader email address:

What is the focus of the group?

Middle Grade Books, Young Adult Books

How many members are currently in the group? 9

Do you have openings for new members at this time? No

If not, do you have a waitlist for potential members? Yes

When, where, and how often does the group meet? Every Thursday via Zoom except the first Thursday of the month when we meet in person at Panera Bread located at 1483 E Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee

What is the process for new members to become part of the group? Writing sample of 7 to 10 pages and sitting in for two meetings.

Do you have any additional group info you would like to include? All persons providing critique must provide a tangible take-away to the person who submitted. This can either be done electronically through track-changes on MSWord or, if meeting in person, a hard copy is fine. If there are no submissions by Monday at noon, a feeler will be put out for alternate activities such as writing sprints, brainstorming, prompts, etc. The event page on Facebook will be updated to reflect what to expect.