Germany/Austria Online Community

Join in conversation with 74 other members of our region in a private community space - the region's Discord server. Discord is an instant messaging social platform that users can communicate live or leave messages using voice calls, video calls, text messaging. Contact Katja for an invitation to this vibrant community online.


If you don't have any in-person events close to you, the region's Discord Server is for you!

Discord is a chat environment that consists of different Servers that capsule a specific community. The Germany/Austria chapter has opened one of these servers to provide access to the community of other creatives for those who don’t have any in-person meetings happening close-by.

Discord is essentially a chat environment. A server has one or more channels dedicated to specific topics, but also direct messages or VOIP channels. You can also share media and files - we use this feature to request and give feedback to our fellow creatives. 


Virtual Office

Here's the place to meet up for scribbles, word sprints, feedback, or just companionable work. Make sure to let others know when you'll be online so interested members may join you.


Early Birds

Early birds catch the worm, the early creative gets their project done! Hit the ground running and join us in the early hours. We meet Tuesdays and Thursday, 8:00am on the region's zoom.

If you can't access the region's Discord yet, please reach out to us.  Get in touch!