Critique Connection!

Joining a critique group can strengthen your writing and illustration practice, improve your work and connect you with like-minded peers. Critique groups opened to premium/student members only.


If you’re ready to join a group:

– Fill out the Critique Connection form with your information. You’ll get access to the full roster of prospective partners and can contact each other to set up a group: Critique Connection Form

*Please note that the Critique Connection is open only to active members of SCBWI.

– Also review the list of established critique groups at the bottom of this page. If any of the groups fit your interests and are “Active/Open”, reach out to the contact.


If you’re ready to start a group:

– Think about the format and structure of your future group. Will there be a specific genre? Do you want to limit the number of members? How do you envision the meetings will run? Writing down your vision will help you to share it with others.

– Once you have a plan, fill out the Critique Group Catalogue to have your group added to our list below. This will help prospective members better find you: Critique Group Catalogue Form

– Announce your new group to our chapter members! There are many avenues to spread the word, including at monthly meetings, in our newsletter (for active SCBWI members), on, and social media.

– Keep at it! I can take weeks or even months for a critique group to come together. But it will have been worth the effort when your new group is up and running!


If you have an active critique group but it’s not listed below:

– Fill out the Critique Group Catalogue form with information about your group. This will help prospective members better find you: Critique Group Catalogue Form


A few general critique group tips:

– Bring several copies of your manuscript (up to five pages) or email it to the group with enough time for everyone to review ahead of time 

– When asking for feedback, be specific about your questions

– When giving feedback, be specific and constructive. Providing examples from published works can be helpful. 

– In light of the coronavirus pandemic, critique groups may consider meeting via online platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, etc.  

– Giving–and receiving–critiques is a learned skill! The more you practice and learn from others, the better you will get. (And it will help your writing, too!)


Email any questions to our Critique Group Coordinator, Nancy Blair, at




SCBWI Houston Monthly Critique Sessions ACTIVE/OPEN (Updated: 2/2023)

When: Before all in-person monthly SCBWI meetings, from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Where: Tracy Gee Community Center, 3599 Westcenter, Houston, TX 77042. 713-266-8193

About: This informal group is open to all written and illustrated works-in-progress intended for the children’s market. Attendees do not have to be active members of SCBWI to join. Please be sure to read the group guidelines before participating.

More Info 

Middle Grade #1 – Critique Group ACTIVE/CLOSED (Updated: 6/2023)

When: Thursday, 6:00-8:00 PM

Where: Zoom/Virtual

Looking for authors serious about publishing traditionally and committed to meeting weekly. Seeking authors with completed manuscript(s) or working manuscripts ready for critique.  

Contact: Kaye Marc-Charles to join the waitlist.

*NEW*  Middle Grade #2 – Critique Group ACTIVE/OPEN (Updated: 6/2023)

When: Tuesday, 6:00-7:30 PM

Where: Zoom/Virtual

Looking for authors serious about publishing and committed to meeting weekly. Seeking authors with manuscripts or beginning a project for critique.  

Contact: Lindsay Morgan

Inner Loop Critique Group ACTIVE/CLOSED (Updated: 2/2023)

When: Wednesday, 9:30-12 PM

Where: Zoom/Virtual

Genres: PB’s, CB’s and MG manuscripts.

Contact: Ellen Leventhal


Katy Area Kritique Group ACTIVE/OPEN to serious, committed writers (Updated: 2/2023)

When: Wednesday, 4 pm

Where: Zoom/Virtual

Genres: all genres, including illustration and poetry

Contact: Maria Ashworth


North Houston / South Montgomery County Critique Group ACTIVE/OPEN (Updated: 2/2023)

When: Every Thursday @ 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Where: Zoom/Virtual

Genres: PB, CB, MG

Contact: Charles Trevino