Critiques for Writers & Illustrators

Join a Local Critique Group

If you are a current Inland Northwest SCBWI member and you’re looking for a critique group, please send your information in an email to inlandnw @ (no spaces).

Email Subject Line: Critique Groups

Your Name

The type of critique group you’re looking for (Illustration, PB, MG, YA, NF, etc.)

Your location

And whether or not you’d be willing to help organize a group (no experience required). Oftentimes it just takes one person to take the lead to get a group off and running!


Sign up for a Professional Critique

SCBWI Inland Northwest hosts events throughout the year. Sometimes, critiques are part of the program. Virtual Consultations and Written Critiques with Published Authors, Literary Agents and Editors from major publishing houses are offered at least once a year. Information about these opportunities are published in our newsletter. Current members receive the newsletter via email.


The Benefits of a Critique

Getting feedback on your work is an important part of the creative process for both writers and illustrators. It helps you grow as an artist, improving your skills and confidence. SCBWI Inland Northwest offers resources to help members get feedback on their work. Contact a Regional Team Member for more information.