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Portfolio Showcase

Have your portfolio on display throughout the conference!

There is a $20 fee to enter the Portfolio Showcase. Illustrators are encouraged to enter their portfolio in the Portfolio Showcase, which will be on display throughout the conference weekend, allowing attendees and faculty an extended period of time to view. The displayed portfolios will be judged by the conference faculty and one winner will be announced during the conference. The winner will receive three 15-minute meetings with conference illustrator faculty: two art directors and one agent.

Entry requirements:

  • Artwork should be displayed in a portfolio case or bound together in some way.*
  • Maximum size not to exceed 15” high or 32” when open.
  • 10-15 images of kid lit work.
  • Reproductions only, no original artwork.
  • Optional: a book dummy may be included in addition to portfolio.
  • Name and contact info must be included in portfolio and/or book dummy. - Optional: a stack of 100 postcards to display with portfolio as a take-away.
  • No AI generated artwork. **

*See the Portfolio Field Guide PDF for guidance in putting together a physical portfolio.

* Check out this helpful webinar hosted by Nebraska’s webinar coordinator and author/illustrator, Sheli Peterson- What illustrators should include in their portfolios and on their websites.

There will be a $20 fee to enter. When registering for the conference, please indicate that you are entering the Portfolio Showcase.

Note: Participants will be required to sign the waiver, below, prior to setting up their portfolio.

If you have any questions about the Portfolio Showcase please contact Katie Eberts at michigan-ic@scbwi.org or Jen Boehler at michigan-ic2@scbwi.org.

Portfolio Showcase Waiver

I understand that SCBWI will make every effort to protect each attendee’s portfolio submission, but cannot accept responsibility for damage or theft. I will include only copies or prints and not original artwork within my portfolio. I understand that all materials must be picked up prior to the end of the conference at 3:00 on Sunday, April 14th.

**SCBWI Policy on AI

For over 50 years, SCBWI has encouraged and celebrated the creativity, dedication, and lived experiences of our members. This is a bedrock principle of our organization. Therefore, we are opposed to any use of text-prompted generative AI in writing, illustrating or other aspects of creating children’s books until fair policies and regulations are established to protect the work of all human creators. Currently, generative AI developers train their systems on human-made work, unethically using and copying this work without regard for copyright, credit, or compensation. Our position on AI goes beyond these immediate issues. While generative AI is an intriguing technology, we don’t believe it produces unique and meaningful creations. As a community, we craft and cherish transformative books brought to life through imagination and talent, human heart and soul. The power and joys of children’s literature originate from a creator’s inventiveness, talents, and hard-earned skills. We have a responsibility to young

readers everywhere to make the immersive books they need and deserve. The stories and art we create have the power to change lives. We make books to share ourselves and inspire others. It is long, difficult, and immensely personal work, and it cannot be any other way. No technology can ever replace your labors, your vision, and your urge to create. Our community wants to see the world through your eyes, and hear your voice. Young people need books as singular and original as you.