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Dionnie Takahashi

Dionnie Takahashi is an author-illustrator who loves working on imaginative and adventurous stories; the funnier and sillier the better. She works digitally and constantly learns new ways to improve her storytelling skills. To find out more and view her gallery click on the paintbrush.

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Dan Schallau

Daniel Schallau is a published American children's book author/illustrator known for his intricate illustrations of worlds inhabited by animals and people and giant vehicles or anything that moves about. To see more of Daniel's work click on the paintbrush.

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Annie Ramsbotham

Annie Ramsbotham's two big loves are painting and bikes. Currently based in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, Annie also takes inspiration from the flora and fauna in the beautiful blue ridge mountains that she grew up around in Western North Carolina, as well as from my pets. To view her gallery and find out more about Annie click on the paintbrush.

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Naomi Kojima

Naomi Kojima is the author and illustrator of Tetsuko Puu -The Girl Who Turned Into a Balloon, and The Singing Clams, among many other picture books. Her picture books have been published in the U.S. and Japan, and have been translated in France, Sweden, and Indonesia. To find out more about Naomi and to view her work click on the paintbrush.

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Petar Tasev

Petar Tasev is a Bulgarian-born, Tokyo-based self-taught artist. He works in various art styles including digital and non-digital formats, and enjoys creating dynamic illustrations with a humorous twist. To view more of Petar's work click on the paintbrush.

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Kazumi Wilds

Kazumi Wilds is a Japanese picture book author-illustrator. She has published a number of picture books in Japan and the US , including 'KOJIKI-The Birth of Japan,' 'The Peace Tree from Hiroshima' and 'The Wakame Gatherers'. Kazumi loves the process of making picture books and teaches these skills to university students in Tokyo. She is also the Illustrator Coordinator for SCBWI Japan. Find out more about Kazumi by clicking on the paintbrush.