Mentorship History Page

The annual SCBWI-MI mentorship program began in 2000 and offers a one-on-one mentorship for PAL and non-PAL members for picture books, novels, and illustration on a rotating basis. Updated program details, including eligibility requirements, mentorship category, mentors, and registration information can be found on our SCBWI-MI Mentorship Program page


Mentorship 2023-2024

⭐Mentorship Type: Verse Picture Book ⭐Mentor: Leslie Helakoski ⭐Mentee: Karen Finch for SPRING SCENTHOUND ⭐First Runner-Up: Patti Richards for PIGS IN A PILE ⭐Second Runner-Up: Toulla Palazeti for GOOD NEIGHBORS 📘Mentorship Type: Prose Picture Book 📘Mentor: Kim Rogers 📘Mentee: Angie Laginess for PIRATES CAN BAKE! 📘First Runner-Up: Melanie Bryce for SPECS FOR A T. REX 📘Second Runner-Up: Jessine Van Lopik for SPINKY SPIDER IS STRESSED


Mentorship 2022-2023

⭐Mentorship Type: YA Novel ⭐Mentor: Patrick Flores-Scott ⭐Mentee: Heather Brewer for WE ARE WANDERERS ⭐First Runner-Up: Shanti Thirumalai for THE ELEPHANT’S CHILD ⭐Second Runner-Up: Lisbeth Posthuma for CHASTITY DIXON IS GOING TO HELL 📗Mentorship Type: MG Novel 📗Mentor: Kelly Baptist 📗Mentee: Joan Donaldson for BROTHERHOOD 📗First Runner-Up: Pat Trattles for STEPHEN, ME, AND THE CAVE 📗Second Runner-Up: Betsy McKee Williams for FALLING OUT OF TIME


Mentorship 2021-2022

⭐Mentorship Type: MG/YA Spot Illustration ⭐Mentor: Bea Jackson ⭐Mentee: Bear Howe ⭐First Runner-Up: No info available 📘Mentorship Type: Picture Book Illustration 📘Mentor: Dow Phumiruk 📘Mentee: V. Gray 📘First Runner-Up: Rachel Seeger 📘Second Runner-Up: Anna Lunt (completed second half of mentorship after winner had to drop out)


Mentorship 2020-2021

⭐Mentorship Type: Non-fiction MG/YA novel ⭐Mentor: Stephanie Bearce ⭐Mentee: Sarah Lynne John for BECOMING AN INVENTOR: TRAIN YOUR BRAIN TO INVENT & EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY ⭐First Runner-Up: Susan Santone for A TASTE FOR CHANGE ⭐Second Runner-Up: Tammy Layman for PANTRY RAID 📗Mentorship Type: Non-fiction Picture Book 📗Mentor: Patricia Newman 📗Mentee: Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw for THE EXPEDITION OF CUBESAT RAX 📗First Runner-Up: Carole Doeringer for THE LIVING TREE HOUSE 📗Second Runner-Up: Melissa Bailey for A BRIGHT THREAD: THE STORY OF MARGUERITE ANGELI


Mentorship 2019-2020

⭐Mentorship Type: PAL Picture Book ⭐Mentor: Kelly DiPucchio ⭐Mentee: Buffy Silverman for LOON SONG ⭐First Runner-Up: Patti Richards for CUPINE’S PERFECT DANCE PARTNER ⭐Second Runner-Up: PJ Lyons for ALIEN INVASION OF THE LITTLE SISTER 📘Mentorship Type: Non-PAL Picture Book 📘Mentor: Lisa Wheeler 📘Mentee: Katherine Gibson for OF DRAGONS AND PRINCESSES 📘First Runner-Up: Dave Stricklen for POODLE FOOLERY 📘Second Runner-Up: Marti Bellis for SALLY AND THE SNOWMAN


Mentorship 2018-2019

⭐Mentorship Type: PAL Novel ⭐Mentor: Leslie Connor ⭐Mentee: Kristin Bartley Lenz for THE DOOR SWINGS OPEN ⭐First Runner-Up: Charlie Barshaw for AUNT AGNES ⭐Second Runner-Up: Margaret Mason for MY NAME 📗Mentorship Type: Non-PAL Novel 📗Mentor: Kelly Barson 📗Mentee: Danielle DeFauw for VICTORY STUMBLES 📗First Runner-Up: Isabel O’Hagin for CHAVELA’S QUEST 📗Second Runner-Up: Susan Santone for THE SHAPE OF CHANGE


Mentorship 2017-2018

📘Mentorship Type: Illustration 📘Mentor: Kirbi Fagan 📘Mentee: Sarah Kendall 📘First Runner-Up: Basya Cohen 📘Second Runner-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2016-2017

📗Mentorship Type: Picture Book 📗Mentor: Deborah Diesen 📗Mentee: Jennifer Burd for WHEN YOU SIT IN ONE PLACE 📗First Runner-Up: Sue Agauas for HOW TO WASH YOUR ELEPHANT 📗Second Runner-Up: Jayne Economos for NAN’S MAGIC CARPET


Mentorship 2015-2016

📘Mentorship Type: Picture book OR Novel 📘Mentor: Patricia Hruby Powell 📘Mentee: Daniel Burns for OUT OF THE SHADOWS 📘First Runner-Up: Ann Dallman for LOOKING FOR BEN 📘Second Runner-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2014-2015

⭐Mentorship Type: Novel ⭐Mentor: Edie Hemingway ⭐Mentee: Wendy Sherrill for PLAYING DEAD ⭐First Runner-Up: Ann Finkelstein for THE WIND DJIN ⭐Second Runner-Up: Magdalena Roddy for CERTAIN EXPECTATIONS 📗Mentorship Type: Illustration 📗Mentor: E.B. Lewis 📗Mentee: Jeff Morrisey 📗First Runner-Up: N/A


Mentorship 2013-2014

⭐Mentorship Type: Picture Book ⭐Mentor: Boni Ashburn ⭐Mentee: Ashley Potts for CHARLOTTE’S SLEEPING AT HER DESK ⭐First Runner-Up: Diane Tomczak ⭐Second Runner-Up: Patti Richards 📘Mentorship Type: Illustration 📘Mentor: Wendy Anderson Halperin 📘Mentee: Bradley Cooper 📘First Runner-Up: Amy Hofacker 📘Second Runner-Up: Hannah Gregus


Mentorship 2012-2013

📗Mentorship Type: Novel 📗Mentor: Kristin Wolden Nitz 📗Mentee: Melissa Shanker 📗First Runner-Up: Jay Whistler 📗Second Runner-Up: Susannah Nichols


Mentorship 2011-2012

📘Mentorship Type: Picture Book 📘Mentor: Crystal Bowman 📘Mentee: Rachel Anderson 📘First Runner-Up: Wendy BooeyDegraaff 📘Second Runner-Up: Micki Huysken


Mentorship 2010-2011

📗Mentorship Type: No information available


Mentorship 2009-2010

📘Mentorship Type: Illustration 📘Mentor: Cyd Moore 📘Mentee: Kenneth Kraegel 📘First Runner-Up: Steffanne McClary 📘Second Runner-Up: Amy Nielander


Mentorship 2008-2009

📗Mentorship Type: Novel 📗Mentor: Shutta Crum 📗Mentee: Tracy Bilen 📗First Runner-Up: Rachel Anderson 📗Second Runner-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2007-2008

📘Mentorship Type: Picture Book 📘Mentor: Lynne Rae Perkins 📘Mentee: Carrie Pearson for LIZZIE AND THE TWISTED SISTERS 📘First Runner-Up: Molly Zink for THE WALKING STICK 📘Other Runners-Up: Alicia Comer for THE LUCKIEST TREE Nancy Frederixon for THE THANKSGIVING DAY JACK-O’-LANTERN 📘Mary Jaroche for PEANUT: THE DOG DETECTIVE 📘Kathleen Dergis for PRINCESS GIGGLES


Mentorship 2006-2007

📗Mentorship Type: Illustration 📗Mentor: Susan Kathleen Hartung 📗Mentee: Heidi Woodward Sheffield 📗First Runner-Up: Susan Miller 📗Second Runner-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2005-2006

📘Mentorship Type: Novels 📘Mentor: Sue Stauffacher 📘Mentee: Micki Huysken 📘First Runner-Up: Rachel Anderson 📘Other Runners-Up: Kristin Bros, Laura Handy, Kristin Lenz, and Jennifer Porter


Mentorship 2004-2005

📗Mentorship Type: Picture Book 📗Mentor: Rhonda Gowler Greene 📗Mentee: Shanda Trent 📗Runners-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2003-2004

📘Mentorship Type: Illustration 📘Mentor: Lori McElrath Eslick 📘Mentee: Leslie Helakoski 📘Runners-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2002-2003

📗Mentorship Type: Novels 📗Mentor: Audrey Couloumbis 📗Mentee: Catherine Bieberich 📗First Runner-Up: Carol Anahid Azizian 📗Second Runner-Up: No info available


Mentorship 2001-2002

📘Mentorship Type: Picture Book 📘Mentor: Ann Tompert 📘Mentee: Michele Root Bernstein 📘Runners-Up: Deborah Briney, Pamela Eicher, Marissa Penrod, and Shanda Trent


Mentorship 2000-2001

📗Mentorship Type: PB or Novels 📗Mentor: Unknown 📗Mentee: Susan Talanda 📗Runners-Up: No info available