Volunteer Team

Lisa M. Bolt Simons, a former educator, has published more than 60 nonfiction and fiction children's books and middle grade novels, as well as an adult history title. She’s received accolades for both her nonfiction and fiction. Originally from Colorado, she currently resides in a Minnesota town of 140ish. She's a mom to adult girl/boy twins and is a wife to a book-loving, outdoorsy guy.

Kevin Kunkel wants to be funny but that desire isn’t always reflected in short bios. He fully intends to fix the screen door this spring or by fall at the latest. Kevin respectfully withdrew his name from the running for this year's Noble Prize. The committee offered no comment but he could tell they were disappointed. Kevin writes bios in the 3rd person because it comes off as more professional and writing in the 5th person gets confusing.  

Donna Eicher first fell in love with picture books while reading to her own children, long before they could read themselves. Though she has worked in traditional fine arts and with children most of her adult life, the desire to illustrate children’s picture books has finally come to fruition. She could not be more excited to embark on this new adventure.