Kidlit Tips and Tidbits

Kidlit Tips and Tidbits

Welcome! We're glad you are here. This is a members-only page with short videos addressing some of the most commonly asked questions in kidlit.

Whether you're new to kidlit or in need of a refresher, our hope is to give you up-to-date information to answer your burning questions.


You Finished Your Book. Now What? (14:39)

Kidlit Basics: Category and Genre (13:05)

Storyboarding Picture Books (11:05)

Illustrator 101 (14:06)

Writing for Magazines (11:33)

Writing Query Letters (11:55)

Researching Agents (9:21)

Introduction to Publisher's Marketplace (9:11)

Self-Promotion 101: Portfolio & Website (22:25) (edited)