Formatting Your Manuscript

SCBWI Nevada hosts several events throughout the year that offer manuscript critiques as part of attendance or for an additional fee. We also have a mentorship program that involves manuscript review, critique groups where others will be looking at your work, and it's always a good idea to know the industry standards for manuscript formats if you decide to submit your work to an agent or publisher!

Please keep in mind that it does take time to organize your manuscripts to be submitted to agents/editors for our events, even after you have sent it to us. Since we are all volunteers, there is only much we can do to assist at this stage. To increase your chances of the best possible manuscript review, follow the directions below.


1. Check the event page for specific due date(s).

2. Time to submit may vary, but is in Pacific Time on the due date.

3. Use 12 point font, Times New Roman.

4. Make sure you have your contact info in your document and your pages are numbered.

5. Please only submit 10 pages plus your title page (so a total of 11 pages).

6. Please look at the format below and make sure your pages use the same format.

7. Picture books - If it is under 1000 words, you may submit the entire manuscript. If you are sending in graphics, please create a dummy and send a PDF file with a reduced file size. It is for one PB manuscript.

8. There is no need for a cover letter or intro letter when submitting work for critiques. This is not a query. The agent/editor only wants your manuscript.

Email submission as an attached document to: 

Questions need to be sent to The email above is just for manuscripts.

Name your file with the name of the agent you are submitting to first, followed by your name, your age group target, your genre, and title of your work.

For example: AgentName(the on you're submitting to)-Yourname-AgeGroup-Genre-title of your manuscript.doc

Example: JennyBent-CynthiaMun-MG-Fantasy-Witches.doc (this would be my submission file name if I were to send in my middle grade fantasy manuscript titled Witches to Jenny Bent who was the agent giving the workshop.)

Please send Word doc unless you are an illustrator and including graphics. Most agents prefer Word since it is easier for them to add comments. If you send a PDF, then make sure to reduce the file size.

Manuscripts for professional critiques follow a strict structure. The format outlined below is what is expected in the industry. Please follow it for your manuscripts so that you look like a professional who is knowledgeable about the industry. This is for novels and picture book text. For illustrators, what is expected is a picture book dummy or portfolio of work online.