Webinar offered by SCBWI-North Texas

Join us Thursday, August, 8 from 7-8pm CT

 for a webinar with publisher Mike Parker of WordCrafts Press. Mr. Parker will speak on, “Shameless Self-Promotion and Networking.” He he will focus on the idea that, “You CAN build your brand and develop your career as an author...without selling your soul!”

WordCrafts publishes quality fiction, non-fiction, and stage plays in a variety or genres. They can be from a Christian worldview, or not mention a religious sentiment, as long as the stories are polished, well-told, and family-friendly. See their current list of books at https://www.wordcrafts.net/wordcrafts-press/.

Although their publishing list is fairly full, Mr. Parker says he will review submissions from those who attend the webinar. After the workshop, send the first ten pages of your manuscript, double-spaced, to our RA, Marie Sontag, northtexas-ra@scbwi.org, and she will forward it directly to Mr. Parker to review. It  won't go in a slush file! He is always open to finding a "gem." If that describes your manuscript, send it in with the subject line of WordCrafts Press Webinar.

$15 for SCBWI members

$20 for non-members

After registering, you will receive a link to the webinar. Register early so your payment will be received before registration closes.

Register at: https://www.scbwi.org/events/august-8-7-8pm-webinar-with-publisher-mike-parker-of-wordcrafts-shameless-self-promotion-and-networking/register-info