Critique Groups

Critique Groups

Are you ready to take your writing and/or illustrating to a higher level?

Joining a face-to-face or online critique group will give your writing and illustrations that extra polish to make your pieces sparkle. Meeting in person or live online offers active dialogue and discussion that may help you dig deeper into your characters and story. And even having a consistent group that provides regular written feedback can help strengthen and polish your writing skills.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter wants to help our members by facilitating critique group formation. Our chapter coordinator, Rachel Funez, is ready to help throughout the year to support the formation of critique groups by:

• offering a session at each fall conference to conference attendees

• helping connect individual members who are searching for a critique group and who request help

• sharing information from existing groups in our region who are open to new members

• providing resources to help members structure their groups and offer beneficial feedback


While the Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCBWI assists members in finding and creating critique groups, once a group has been formed, it is considered a separate entity from RMC and SCBWI. This is done for legal reasons, as well as to allow members to have the autonomy to function and make decisions based on their needs and desires. If you have further questions about this topic, please contact Susan Wroble, or Stan Yan, Co-RAs.

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