PAL New Releases!

Congratulations to RMC PAL (Published and Listed) members with new books coming out summer 2024!

Summer 2024 Releases

Saturday Magic by Nyasha Williams

Picture Book

Ages 3-8

An ode to the family, friendship, and the beautiful tradition of Hoodoo practice, this book celebrates the magic and symbolism to be found in every day, written by bestselling author Nyasha Williams.

Dayo practices Hoodoo with her family. One Saturday, she wakes from an interesting dream about a yellow bird. What could it mean? She knows that it’s up to her to figure it out. Over the course of the day, as Dayo and her family move through their daily rituals (mantras and affirmations included), the message sent from her Ancestors through her dream reveals itself. This celebration of spirituality (and heritage) highlights the rich history of Hoodoo and the beauty we can find in everyday magic.

Release date: June 11, 2024

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Your Sustainable World by Laura Perdew

Picture Book

Ages 8-11

It's your world, so make it a sustainable one! Learn how small, everyday choices can lead to big, positive changes for the planet--from how you use energy to what you wear, eat, and buy. Packed full of tips and relevant actions for kids to take, this is an empowering guide for any young reader looking to help the environment and make a difference. Get ready to go green and create a sustainable lifestyle, one choice at a time!

Release date: August 1, 2024

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The Miracle of the August Snow by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Chapter Book

Ages 6-10

It's August in Rome in the year 358, and as the heat rises, so do tempers. Twin boys Ignatius and Paulus stand together against the teasing of the neighbor kids, but when the brothers quarrel, it doesn't seem like anything can heal their split. It might take a miracle to cool things down, and then, on the hottest night of the year, the most amazing thing happens.

Release date: August 5, 2024

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The Ofrenda That We Built by Jolene Gutiérrez

Picture Book

Ages 3-7

Learn about and celebrate the Day of the Dead! With warmth and energy, this spirited picture book is a joyful ode to family traditions and the memory of loved ones who have passed but whom we continue to remember.

It is Día de Muertos--the Day of the Dead--and the family ofrenda is at the center of the celebration! Inspired by the popular nursery rhyme "The House That Jack Built," The Ofrenda That We Built invites readers to join in the building of a colorful ofrenda, a home altar full of symbols and meaning, one special element at a time.

Release date: August 6, 2024

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The Horse Who Carries the Stars by Darby Karchut

Middle Grade

Ages 9-13

Thirteen-year-old Reece Harding has both hands full dealing with one headstrong mare who’s all go and no whoa. When a devastating wildfire threatens their corner of Colorado, it’s going to take all of Reece’s horse skills and some Appaloosa luck to save the day and prove to herself—and her family—she can handle Kip, the horse who carries the stars on her rump and a fire in her heart.

Release date: August 6, 2024

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The Quest for a Tangram Dragon by Christine Liu-Perkins

Picture Book

Ages 5-8

A clever and charming introduction to the Tangram puzzle, a classic Chinese shape puzzle that's beloved in early math curriculum. A brave Little Triangle seeks a Chinese dragon to end the long drought. On the quest, Little Triangle meets other shapes who want to help. Using the magic of tangrams, the shapes do amazing things together: Two triangles flip and flap to make a butterfly! With a square, they swap and swivel to make a bat! Four shapes jump and bump to become a bird. But there's still no sign of the dragon they need. When they reach a mountain, no matter how much they hop and plop, huddle and muddle, or leap and heap, the shapes can't find a way to the top. How will they ever find the dragon they're searching for?

Release date: August 20, 2024

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Roxanne Troup
Amanda Lenz

Reaching for the Stars: A Mission to Space by Roxanne Troup, illustrated by Amanda Lenz

Picture Book

Ages 3-6

Join a crew of young astronauts on an inspiring new mission to explore the moon, stars, and far reaches of outer space. With lyrical text and astonishing illustrations that incorporate NASA space photographs, this out-of-this-world adventure introduces space concepts and vocabulary while celebrating NASA's groundbreaking Artemis missions and all future space adventures.

Release date: August 28, 2024

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