RMC Connects

The Rocky Mountain Chapter has multiple Connect groups that meet in person and/or via Zoom. Connects are intended to be spaces where creators gather in community while exploring different aspects of craft related to writing and illustrating for children and young adults. Some Connect groups are geographic (e.g., Boulder, Colorado Springs, Northern Colorado), and others are organized around interest area (YA, Nonfiction, Illustrators, etc.). Each Connect group meets several times a year, and any RMC member is welcome to attend any Connect. Information about upcoming RMC Connects can always be found on our Upcoming Events page.

Note: Connects are different from critique groups. Some Connects do build in time for critiques to happen, but it is not the primary purpose for the gathering. Joining a Connect can be a great way to meet other creators interested in forming a critique group.

To add yourself to the email list of one or more RMC Connect groups, please fill out this Google Form. Thank you!

(If you are already receiving communication about the Connect(s) you need, there is no need to fill out the form.)