Get to Know our Writer: Jennifer Meyer


I joined SCBWI in January, and my first event with the group was Art Day on March 16th. This was extremely beneficial to me since I'm writing picture books. There I learned how to create a picture book dummy.  

In the past I made a living writing for a newspaper, but now I concentrate on writing fiction for both adults and children. I love to settle in at my desk with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. I work best with a goal in mind, such as finishing a scene or editing a specific piece. But after 30-plus years in journalism, I've learned to write whenever and wherever. And since I never know when inspiration may hit, I carry a small notebook in my purse where I jot Ideas and notes when I'm on the run. 

I wrote my first short story in the summer before fifth grade on the new Smith Corona typewriter my grandparents had given me. I later earned a bachelor and master of science, but I never stopped writing. After briefly working in a medical field, I went back to college for journalism. I started writing for children last year when my daughter suggested we collaborate on a picture book. We're currently querying agents for our first book while working on new ideas. 

I knew I had much to learn about writing picture books, so I took Julia Donaldson's course offered on BBC Maestro. Last year, I completed the three-course series on fiction writing with Carolyn Wheat at UCSD Extension. I also completed the fiction writing workshop with Richard Bausch at Chapman University several years ago. 

I have a home office. These days I work better when it's quiet. I have two dream books I'd love to see published, the picture book in collaboration with my daughter and my mystery novel for adults. Currently, I am working on several picture books. I do not illustrate.

My advice for beginning writers is: Write. Write. Write. Try different genres and styles. If you're a writer, you have to write, giving up is not an option. 

I'm looking for an agent to represent my picture books. Suggestions from SCBWI members would be greatly appreciated! I was proud to win second place for my picture book on spring renewal for SCBWI's Art Day in March. I also won several awards during my journalism career including a first place press club award for my weekly medical column. No published books yet.

Facts you don’t know about me are that I love owls and volunteered at the local bird of prey center. And I play the ukulele.

You can connect with me on my websites:, and on Facebook at Jennifer J. Meyer - Writer