Art Prompt: 

Illustrating a special scene based on your childhood!

As creators for children’s books we strive to bring authenticity and unique creative ideas to life. One way to begin this process is to start with your own unique childhood!

For this challenge you will create an illustration based on an experience from your own childhood that was kind of secret, maybe a little rebellious, and special. Remember when it was bedtime, and you stayed up after the lights went out? Maybe you were under the covers with a flashlight reading or like me, listening to AM radio. Did you build a fort or a treehouse? What fun things did you do in those special places when nobody was watching?

Please do not feel the need to create a literal illustration of you as a child. Use your characters, use your imagination. Use this as an opportunity to create your next portfolio or promotional piece. Take your viewers to someplace amazing! Purple furry aliens? Sure! Bunnies having tea? YES! Let your imagination run wild! You are not bound by the constraints of ‘reality!’

Submission Guidelines

Create a 2 page illustrated book spread. 

Total image dimensions should be 16" wide by 10" high (that’s two 8”x10" rectangles)

*Please note that you do not have to create your illustration at this size, but do need to create it in these proportions. It’s often wiser to work about 120% larger than the final illustration size. 

Files for submission should be .JPG 

The image will be 2400 pixels wide and 1500 pixels high at 150 DPI.

Use the following file naming convention: Last name_First name_Title.jpg

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