Jennie Kendrick

Agent, Red Fox Literary

jenniekendrick_headshot - Jennie Kendrick.jpg


Jennie Kendrick represents YA, MG, PB, and illustrators with Red Fox Literary. A former criminal defense attorney and history major, she has worked in the publishing industry since 2013, including reviewing for publications such as Kirkus, and part-time bookselling at a local independent bookstore. Jennie’s passions include history (especially medieval European history), the criminal justice system, art, tarot, rock music, and cooking. She loves well-researched character-driven fiction, narrative non-fiction, and is particularly looking for works from marginalized creators. Jennie is also always looking for a phenomenal ghost or vampire story, regardless of children’s age group. You can find more about her taste at


Books: I'm always interested in books that use unique storytelling methods and literary devices. Generally, I'm a good fit for paranormal, historical, romance of all kinds, contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, and adventures.

Illustration: Some art and design styles I love include midcentury modern, Victorian anatomical and botanical drawings, and anything that manages to be both spooky and cute.