Jennifer Rofe

Senior Agent, Andrea Brown Literary Agency

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Jennifer Rofé is a senior agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, where she’s hung her hat for nearly 20 years. She works primarily with picture book author-illustrators, illustrators, and middle grade and chapter book authors. Generally, Jennifer always seeks masterful writing, distinct voices and perspectives, and richly developed characters.

Some of Jennifer's clients include National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature Meg Medina, the author of several books including the Newbery Medal winner Merci Suárez Changes Gears; Christina Diaz Gonzalez, author of the Edgar Award winning middle-grade novel Concealed and the Indie and USA Today bestselling graphic novel, Invisible (both Scholastic); Mike Boldt, author-illustrator of The Blue Spruce Award winning picture book Bad Dog (Doubleday/PRH) and illustrator of the New York Times bestselling picture book Just Try One Bite (Dial Books/PRH); Amber Ren, illustrator of the New York Times bestselling picture book Because by Mo Willems (Hyperion); and Renée Kurilla, illustrator of the New York Times bestselling picture book Just Because, by Matthew McConaughey (Viking/PRH).


In middle grade, all genres -- literary, commercial, contemporary, magical, fantastical, historical, and everything in between. Children finding their space in their world — especially strong-willed underdogs or quirky, misunderstood, or overlooked children who come into their strength.

In picture books, funny, character-driven stories; beautifully imagined and written stories; and milestone moments with a twist. Always the endings should elicit an emotional response.

In chapter books, commercial and action-packed series for emerging readers in the vein of The Princess in Black series and The Dragon Masters series.

In illustration, unique voices and perspectives that have a voice so strong that it’s immediately recognizable as belonging to the creator.