Sunita Apte

Editor, Reycraft Books



Sunita is editorial director of Reycraft Books. She is the half-Indian, half-Hungarian child of an immigrant and a refugee, and a passionate cook. She has lived and traveled in Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. Born and raised in North Carolina—she still has the “y’all” in her—she grew up never seeing herself reflected in the books she read. She believes books should represent everyone, everywhere, and has spent over two decades in publishing trying to make that happen. She is curious about the world and a champion of nonfiction books for kids—though she is passionate about fiction as well. Nothing excites her more than learning something new from a book.


I am looking for lyrical, moving picture books, nonfiction books covering new topics or people I've never heard of (extra points for middle-grade nonfiction), and middle-grade novels of any genre that have an emotional resonance and a singular voice.