Westchester Events

6/27 - 1:45pm - Free for SCBWI members

Manhattanville University

Center for Design Thinking

2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577

Free for SCBWI Members! Join us at Manhattanville University in Purchase, NY for an in person Editors' Panel with Liz Kossnar, Nancy Pauline, and Carey Salerno. For more information, email: mfa@mville.edu

Registration Fee: $30

Please email westchesterny-ra@scbwi.org for promo code.

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Directions & Parking

Campus Address

Manhattanville University

2900 Purchase Street

Purchase NY 10577


Campus Map (This is an older map. The Center for Design Thinking is building 2 on the map, but is referred to by its previous name, the Barbara Knowles Debs Presidents’ Cottage.)

To Center for Design Thinking (2 on Campus Map): after passing the Security Kiosk at the University’s main entrance, you will enter a small traffic circle. Take your first right out of the circle and proceed through a long parking lot. After you pass the section of the parking lot under solar panels, continue on the road. After a sharp curve to the left, look for an entrance to a parking lot on your left. This is Kennedy Gym Parking—park here. At the back of this lot behind an outdoor volleyball court, you’ll see a house. This is the Center for Design Thinking. From the parking lot, walk around to the front of the house to the main entrance.