The SCBWI is saddened to learn of the passing of Reva Solomon, beloved friend, associate, and an individual who played an important role in our organization’s very earliest years. Following her time with the SCBWI she moved to New York and there pursued work in theater, which had long been one of her loves.


SCBWI co-founder and current SCBWI Impact and Legacy Fund Managing Director, Lin Oliver, remembers Reva in the following tribute:


“Reva worked for the SCBWI in a number of capacities including office administrator, and writer of the People column but she was always so much more than an employee. She loved the organization and its members, took personal joy in watching talent bloom, and gave support and love with her whole heart even as she pursued her own artistic passions. The network of SCBWI friends and colleagues she developed loved her and for good reason…she was a warm and loving friend to us all. I will miss her and the joy she so generously spread.”