Resources for Independently Published Authors

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A Database of Vetted Self-Publishing Service Providers

SCBWI is an Organizational Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLI). Premium Members of SCBWI have access to ALLI's Watchdog Database with up-to-date information on which self-publishing service providers are worth the money and which are scams.

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Tri-annual Member Magazine About Self-Publishing

Premium members can download digital copies of The Indie Author Magazine, a publication from the Alliance of Independent Authors that is chock full of information on publishing independently.

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Access to SCBWI Member Illustrators Willing to Be Hired to Illustrate Your Self-Published Book

The searchable SCBWI Illustrator’s Gallery can provide you with a list of illustrators willing to work on self-published projects.

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The Essential Guide to Self-Publishing a Children’s Book

A comprehensive guide available only to Premium Members.

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Independently Published Pre-publication Grant

A $2,500 Pre-Production Grant for a member who would like to self-publish but needs help offsetting the costs.

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The SPARK Award

Premium members who have a newly self-published book are eligible to apply for this annual award that recognizes excellence in a children’s book published through a non-traditional publishing route.

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Participation in SCBWI’s Recommended Reading List

Premium Members are invited to participate in the July Recommended Reading List which celebrates published books.

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Promote Your Book through SCBWI’s BookStop Campaign

This promotion is closed for now! Please check back for more information later in the year.


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