About Translation in SCBWI

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators has a member category for Translators! Why? Children deserve to explore their whole planet through books. Translators bring them books written in many languages, in many places.

Like writers and illustrators, translators work as independent, creative contractors who benefit from networking, professional development, and a supportive community.

Interested in translating children’s literature? Here’s how to tap into SCBWI’s offerings as a translator.

1. Join SCBWI and Select “Translator” in Your Primary or Secondary Field of Interest

SCBWI’s Translator category lets translators—and authors and illustrators who translate—identify themselves at SCBWI.org by selecting Translator under Professional Roles. Please also select the Languages you work with.

2. Join the SCBWI Translation Listserv

SCBWI translator members can join an email listserv, SCBWI Translation, and talk shop with peers worldwide. Invitations go out to translator members every few months. To join sooner, email the Translator Coordinator: tc (at) scbwi.org

3. Get Involved in Your SCBWI Region

All SCBWI regions welcome translators. Some regions offer translation-specific programming, and all regions offer writing and illustration programming that informs translators about “what works” in children’s publishing. Attend, network, and volunteer! If you would like to propose new translation-related programming in your region, contact the Regional Advisor.

4. Take Advantage of SCBWI Member Benefits

SCBWI holds two large, annual conferences—one in January or February, the other in July or August—which provide opportunities to network not only with other creatives, but also with editors who may be acquiring children’s literature in translation. These annual conferences are at least partly online, making it possible to attend from anywhere on Earth. SCBWI also offers grant and award programs, resources for marketing and promotion, publications such as The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children and Insight, and more. Take full advantage!

5. Use Your Voice

Write a translation-related article for a regional or SCBWI-wide publication. Boost fellow translators on social media using the hashtag #SCBWITranslation. Propose a translation event. Raise your hand during a Q & A to bring translation into the conversation. By using your voice, you are increasing awareness inside and outside SCBWI regarding children’s literature in translation and representation of Languages Other Than English. Your voice is welcome in SCBWI, and SCBWI’s voice is heard in children’s publishing. Hold forth!