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Meet & Pitch: Agent Monica Rodriguez of Context Literary

Nov 21, 2023

Online event

Register to receive the session replay today! If you missed our live session registration you can still purchase the replay! A small group session with Monica Rodriguez of Context Literary. Hear about the agency and Monica's MSWL. Participants can submit pitches/pages for live feedback and pay for written critiques. Presented in collaboration with SCBWI Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington (NW Inland) and Brazos Valley.

We are pleased to welcome Monica Rodriguez, Junior Agent and Director of Brand Management at Context Literary, to our latest Meet & Pitch session!

Monica is building her list with authors of picture books, middle grade, young adult and graphic novel projects. She is also open to adult and non-fiction submissions.

Monica will start off our 90-minute session with information about Context Literary as a whole and then move on to information about herself and her manuscript wish list. We will take a few minutes for moderated questions and then move on to the Pitch/First pages section of the event. Submissions will be shown on screen without identifying information and read aloud by a moderator. Monica will then take a few minutes to react and provide feedback. We encourage you to watch the live event in case Monica has follow up questions. We will do our best to get through all the submissions.

Before the event:

If you would like us to read your 1-3 sentence pitch or first 150 words paste the text into the body of an email and send to with subject line “Monica Rodriguez Meet & Pitch submission.” Please also include the genre of your submission in the email (this will not count towards your wordcount).

Deadline: November 11th 8am CST

Unsure how to craft your pitch or perfect your opening lines? "The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children" offers invaluable advice and resources for authors, illustrators, and translators of children's books. Available for free to premium members. 

After the event:

Attendees will receive a replay link good for one week as well as special submission instructions for querying Monica at Context Literary.

Attendees who registered for additional written critiques will receive additional submission instructions.

DATE: SUNDAY November 12th, 2:00pm - 3:30pm CST. Replay will be available for one week after the event. 

FEE: $25 – SCBWI premium members from the participating regions will receive priority during registration. Registration for this event is on the Brazos Valley homepage. 

Additional critique fee: $60 - Monica is offering 15 written critiques slots for query letters, portfolio reviews and up to 10 pages of a novel or other work. Critique submission instructions will be emailed to registrants after the event.

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About Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez is a Junior Agent and Director of Brand Management at Context Literary. She is on a mission to help uplift underrepresented voices in publishing. In addition, she runs the official book club for Find A Lovely Life @findalovelybook and is a contributing writer at Latina Media Co. For more about Monica visit

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About Context Literary

Context Literary Agency represents a wide variety of talented writers, across all categories and genres, throughout their careers. "We love helping authors and illustrators bring books to life. We are passionate about uplifting authors whose stories allow readers to feel seen. Our combined experience supports writers in a collaborative environment, and maximizes our client’s career potential, helping them stay ahead of the curve." Learn more about Context Literary and their clients at