AGENT EVENT: Story Crafting with Agent Jennifer Unter

Sep 20, 2023

Online event

SCBWI Israel presents...

Are YOU Crafting Your Best Possible Stories?

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Come on out and learn what it takes to create a compelling story -- one that will catch an agent's eye and that kids will love to hear again and again! Veteran agent Jennifer Unter will discuss our story pitches to share what works best in today's market.

Note: This event is not free.

Meet Jennifer!


Get to know our guest: Jennifer Unter

Jennifer Unter has worked many aspects of the publishing industry for over 3 decades. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she began her career at Henry Holt & Co. in the editorial department before moving on to the Karpfinger Agency as a junior literary agent, while also attending law school at Fordham University School of Law. She then became an Associate at the entertainment firm of Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP where she practiced primarily in the areas of publishing and copyright law, and also acted as a literary agent on various book projects. She joined Robert Lewis Rosen Associates in 2000 as Vice President of the Literary Department. In 2008, she started The Unter Agency, LLC, a full-service boutique agency specializing in quality fiction, nonfiction and all types of children’s literature. In addition to placing projects at domestic and foreign publishers, she also sells to audio, film and television. She is a member of the Women’s Media Group, the Association of American Literary Agents (AALA), and the Westside Agents Group (WAG). (photo credit Jennifer Lee photography)

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What Will You Get Out of This Event?


Create unforgettable stories!

How can YOU can create a story that kids will want to hear again and again? At this fun, friendly event, Jennifer will explore the essentials of crafting great stories and talk about what's hot right now in the U.S. market! All participants will have an opportunity to submit to Jennifer following this event. (authors only; Jennifer does not represent illustrators)


Get pitch perfect!

Register early to send in a pitch for your story (picture book or middle grade). Jennifer will choose a number of our own pitches to speak about while addressing the essentials of attention-grabbing pitches that entice agents and editors!


Personal critiques!

Jennifer has agreed to critique a limited number of our stories (optional, additional charge). Find out what's working and get tips to make your own story tighter, stronger, and much more memorable! UPDATE: ALL CRITIQUE SLOTS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED, SORRY!

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Important: This event is not free!

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Optional - Personal Critiques from Jennifer Unter

150 nis (approx $40). - please select the personal critique option at the time of registration


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