Story Sparks: Write Your Best Story Pitch!

Jan 11, 2024

Online event

Get writing - and get pitching! Join Tami Lehman-Wilzig to find out more about the marketing side of being a children's-book author.

Story Sparks: Write Your Best Story Pitch!

Join author and former marketing professional Tami Lehman-Wilzig as she shares her background in marketing before she began writing children's stories -- and why marketing is such a valuable skill for children's writers in all genres.

  • Finding gaps in the market (what stories are needed?)
  • Figuring out your story's unique perspective
  • Deciding which aspects of your story will interest publishers most

No matter what kind of story you're telling, this session with Tami will help you make your best possible pitch to get agents and editors excited!

Who is this program for?

  • Hebrew speakers! This program will help you become more comfortable talking about your stories in English.
  • English speakers! If you're a native English speaker or great in English already, this program will help you take your pitch to the next level and sell your stories.

No matter which language is your best language, we're sure this fun, friendly workshop will help take your career to the next level.

Your homework:

Come prepared to talk about your story idea - you don't have to have finished writing your story yet.

Also - search online or in bookstores for at least one "comp" book.

What's a comp?

A comp is a "comparable" (or "comparison") book—meaning another story close to yours in age group, theme, and writing style. It helps editors understand your book and imagine it next to other successful books they've published. It's like showing them a roadmap for where your story fits in the children's book world.

Where can you find comps?

Amazon is probably your best place to start. If you find a book you're interested, you can often find read-alouds on YouTube where you can see and hear the entire story.

As you consider comp books, ask yourself: How is my book like the comp? How is it different?

Every book is unique, and to explain what's amazing about your story, you have to understand the market first.

This Zoom event in English is for local SCBWI members only.

Stay tuned for more broadly focused programming soon!


Do I have to write Jewish stories to participate?

No, this program is open to creators of all types of stories.

Is this for picture books only?

No, this program is open to creators of all types of stories.

What if I'm an author-illustrator?

Please join us! While your illustration skills will help sell your story, being able to pitch your plot is an essential skill for all kidlit authors.

I have another question.

Terrific! Please reach out to us at