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We know conferences can be intimidating, especially if you've never been before. Below you'll find some of our best tips and tricks for navigating any writers or illustrators conference — whether you're a veteran attendee or joining for the first time!

Conference Blog Posts


The Art of Preparation: Getting Ready for Your Debut Writing Conference

Will the All Y’all Conference be your debut writing conference? Are you nervous? Excited? Wondering what you’re in for? All of the above? Here are some tips to help you prepare and make the most out of your debut conference experience.


From Rookie to Pro: Mastering Conference Etiquette for New Authors and Illustrators

A conference can mean different things to different people, from a chance to network, to show your work or even meet your dream agent face to face. No matter what your goals are, here are a few etiquette tips to help you make the best impression on your community and future industry partners.

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Agent Quest: How to Research, Approach, and Impress Literary Agents at Conferences

At my first SCBWI conference in 2008, I met my agent. No, she didn’t sign me that day! She wasn’t even an agent yet, for one, and also agents aren’t going to acquire new clients right then and there. That’s a relationship that takes more time (and a completed manuscript, which I didn’t have). But that meeting was the first step in our journey to the working relationship we have now.


Cracking the Critique: Getting the Maximum from Your Conference Critiques

No matter how constructive criticism is, it’s still criticism, and sometimes it can be hard to subject work you crafted so lovingly to someone else’s critical eye, even if you paid for the privilege. Here are some hints to help you make the most of your conference critiques.


An Interview with Art Director Laurent Linn

LAURENT LINN is renowned as a puppeteer for Jim Henson's MUPPETS, an expert in design, the author and illustrator of DRAW THE LINE, an art director for Simon & Schuster, and a member of the Advisory Council of the SCBWI. When crossing his path, it will be easy to notice he is the Mr. Congeniality of artistic influencers, an upbeat and down-to-earth artist.


Pitch ‘em Right: How to give conference faculty agents and editors just what they’re looking for!

Let me guess why you’re reading this post … you’ve been working hard for weeks, months, or even years on a manuscript of a book. It’s an amazing story that you’re very proud of, and you’ve decided to sign up for a manuscript critique with an agent or editor at the All Y’All SCBWI Texas Conference, so you can show it off. Well done! Great start! Except … now the conference is open for registration, which faculty member do you pick to submit to? And what do you even submit?


Pitch Perfect: Crafting Compelling Pitches for Your Book Projects

Imagine your story is a blank page. There’s nothing there to work with, just vast white nothingness. Yikes!

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Post-Conference Action Plan aka Don't Lose Momentum!

So, you’ve gone to a writing conference. You’ve pitched agents, gotten critique feedback, attended thought-provoking sessions, and networked your heart out. Now what?